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Freaky Friday : The Skulls...

    You know Alexander McQueen is famous for bringing skulls into his collection. From t-shirts and scarves, to accessories like rings, bags, purses and footwear, there's always an element of skull which plays a part in making it as his own signature McQueen by itself. In the recent runway show, Commes des Garcons also seem to include that when they did the skull print tops and trousers for the Spring/Summer 2011 collection. Now, skull is everywhere... by which I don't mean the one that you saw in your Biology lab!

    When I stopped by at my colleague's office the other day, I was surprised to see so many memorabilia ornamenting his desk. One of it is this skull in white. At first I thought it was made of ceramic since it looks like one. Then I saw the crack around the center. Guess what happen when I lifted it up? It's actually a telephone, made of plastic! How brilliant! And frickin' scary too...nggg.... (wait till the eyes blink when it's ringing!)

    I thought I'm the only one who like skull things. These are some in my office: Skull cufflinks from Paperchase... (there's also skull keychains)

    The bookmark with skull details on the stick...

    And this one is not a skull, but much freakier - syringe ballpoint pen, complete with the faux blood on the casing. Bought it at Waterstones @ Gower Street, London - at the basement level, the Medical books section. Lots of people seem to be fooled by thinking it's actually a doctor's syringe!