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Givenchy 'Vertebrae' Oxfords

    Beautiful shoes, but not your typical footwear. If you think you're ready to enter a supernormal world of footwear or perhaps wanna try something eccentric to slip on to the office or rock in any formalwear - you might wanna consider this new Oxford lace-ups by Givenchy. Some called it vertebrae due to the spine-lookalike leather patches stitched to the center section of the upper. It might appear like the spinal bone, while some look like floral gravitating around the foot area. Nonetheless, this is an artwork for your down under.

    And salmon; that's one challenging color to wear. Unless if you pair it with flesh tones ensemble from the foot up, or light beige or white; you might be safe. In other word, just go nude - colorwise of course. (What were you thinking?). Otherwise, there's always white and black version of the vertebrae for you to pick. So eccentric artsy.

    [pix from, august man and restir]