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It's Not Creepy. It's Creeper.

    Maybe due to the long break at home during my staycation, I suddenly become more inspired to do something around the house and return to my original passion which is interior decoration. It has been a long time I haven't done anything to the interior and exterior - making the house just a house, instead of a home. I think I became too complacent, too comfortable with what's going around which resulted me being too lazy to keep on looking after it. And the fact that the house is actually mine; making it even worse coz I don't have too worry if things are dirty, or the lawn is suddenly becoming like a small forest, or if there's many cobwebs on the ceilings or even if the patio are stained due to water pouring down from the roof because of rain. As if I'm becoming like...urgghh, I don't bother! (If it's a rented house, the owner would've been mad!)

    And previous staycation really opens my eyes on what's happening around. It's the 'moment' that I just realized I need to change things. Not just about making it clean and tidy, but to attend to every small things and want it to become not just a house, but a home. I want it to be as stylish as my wardrobe is. If I can look simple and chic top to toe, so as my home decor. Why? Coz home is truly an extension to your style!

    So, I open up some fashion mags and websites to get some inspiration since it's one way to traject what you see on the catwalk into the home decor. And my eyes suddenly stuck onto the Brunissable Creeper shoes by Bottega Veneta. Though I've seen the runway photos so many times, I didn't realised that through close-up the shoes are actually quite something. It looks simple but understatedly loud at the same time. Maybe because of the chunky thick sole that brought some interesting and fun element to it. Or probably because of the color combination that's so chic made me loving what I saw. Either it's in white with a hint of black, or the black upper with white sole - there's some charm within the clean, streamlined modernist simplicity of the footwear made that me fell for it. Or perhaps it speaks what I want for my home - modern, simple and monochromatic?

    Whatever it is, it has re-inspired me to perk up the decor. That's why I bought the rice cooker and water pitchers in white, and having new curtains in monochrome done for my bedrooms. Clean and simple!

    [pix from and bottega veneta]