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London in One Week?

    My good friend, Angie, text me the other week: Hey, wanna ask you... what can I do in London for one week during summer?

    Oh my God, are you kidding me? First, you you're going to London. That itself is one massive "are you kidding me?" And second, in one week?! "Are you kidding me?" again. Third.. summer? Aaarrggghh.. are you kidding me??? That's not fair! Bring me, bring me, bring me!!!

    Anyway. As excited as I am too, in the next couple of posts I'll be dedicating that to my friend Angie so that the short guide would help you spend your week in my city. Oh.. sorry, ooops. The used-to-be-after-four-years-plus-living-there my city, to be exact. Who else know London better than me, right? From North to South, East to West, I know London like the back of my now-smoother-less-wrinkle hand. And I'll be writing everything from where to visit, how to travel around, and of course... where and what to shop, absolutely. One week? Well, there're so many things you can do dear! Just watch this space...

    And, summer. Damn, it's summer sale!?