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Mag Snaps : The Monk, The Chrono and The Shirt

    I once been thrown out from WHSmith in London cos I was caught snapping the picture of the bags in one of the fashion magazine. Esquire, if I'm not mistaken - and those are awesome bags, what not to like?! The security guy saw me flipping the mag and snap, snap, snap using my iPhone... at last he asked me to leave the bookstore coz I'm not allowed to do what I'm doing. Infringement of intellectual properties, I guess. Yet he said, if I bought the magazine instead, that's okay coz it's mine. Not if I pick it free on the shelves, no. Well, I think I've learn a good lesson there... no plagiarism!

    Anyway, now that I bought the mags then I'm allowed to scan it and publish it in here. These are some of my picks on the nice things featured in those glossy pages in the recent issues...

    [pix from esquire malaysia]

    RM792 for a pair of grey suede monk strap loafers? Well, Mr. Editor... I think that's quite cheap considering I've bought a £260 Gucci boots at Harrods in Winter 2010 sale before! (go figure the conversion). And RM792 - c'mon, don't you think it's a reasonable price to pay for a beautiful craftsmanship of the shoes?

    [pix from men's uno]

    Calvin Klein's ck Basic chrono watch. I search there in the web, none has ever featured this one. Typing ck Basic, all I can find is the ck underwear... which I got plenty! But Basic chrono - this one looks good. Ok, into my wish list now!

    [pix from esquire malaysia]

    What is so special about this Hugo Boss shirt? The contrast panelling, with pleated placket. Classy dressy without going overboard.