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Outfit Swap : If Else Fails...

    It's my second time of the week that I wore two different outfit to the office coz I've been hit with the  'I'm not feeling it' moment again. It's kinda weird coz what I felt is right in the morning when I left home, suddenly become oh, what am I wearing? as soon as the sun hit noon. Or in fact not even noon, coz that day just a couple of minutes after reached office I felt some awkward moment.

    I was wearing the Uniqlo dove grey slimfit trousers, paired with all black top (the blazer + the shirt in black) to give a sense of simplicity to my outfit that day. Yeah, I actually kinda like how the color combination works since it look quite chic as well. Though at first I felt a bit weird coz the pants is a little bit too tight, I thought the blazer could do some cover up over that sensitive areas in the whole ensemble.

    But the thing is, when I went into the courtyard of the workplace, some people gave the stare. And I know what they're staring at! It's not just about the fitted thigh that made them ogling, but the fact that the light color of the trousers also made things appear a bit vulgar. Esp, on the... erm... down center area, if you know what I mean. And it's slim fit, it made things even more sensual!

    So, to prevent someone being sexually harassed by my look...(ahaks), I went back for change. Since I still wanna keep the tops, I just went for something safe for the bottom part : black. The other day when I did the same thing, change for new trousers in just a couple of hours to the office, people actually notice about it. And I think this is gonna be major too... coz the color change is too obvious!

    Anyhow, I recalled what Kenneth Cole said: if else fails...wear black. And turn out I'm the Man in Black that day!

    i have to cover up, otherwise you'll be harassed on what you're seeing..mwahahaha!

    dove grey and black slimfit trousers - Uniqlo
    jacket - Sub : studded cuff shirt - Uniqlo : watch - Calvin Klein ck Sight