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Pirates Invasion!

    Pirates of the Caribbean 4 has just hit cinemas last month. Is it any good? I can't answer that question coz I haven't watch the movie myself. In fact I never watch movies at cinemas since I really hate sitting on the seat for that very long... it'll be too boring. I can't pause, I can't stop the movie, I'll cramp my butt off. In the end what will happen if the movie is 2 and half hours long - half an hour would be me watching the story, while another two hours me dozing off! Zzzzz... Ahaks!

    Anyway, POTC4 should be great coz Penelope Cruz is in it. Her accent would be something to watch out - the sexy senorita Espaniola. Or at least she's better than Kiera Knightley when comparing to... ehem.. bosom area. Wahahahaha! Who agrees with me? >:)

    Btw, while some people are celebrating the opening of the big movie for summer 2011, our friend at Uniqlo is also celebrating it when they have produced a selection of Pirates of Caribbean prints t-shirt recently. Ranges from various colors of short-sleeve t-shirts, they featured from the infamous pirate skull, to the statement Pirates, to Captain Jack Sparrow on the front - both as the bird (sparrow, get it?) and his figurine. Pretty cool for those die-hard fans of the Disney feature film.

    [pix from uniqlo]

    Oh, btw. Pirates of the Caribbean also hit the capital recently. Not just the movie, but the Pirate ship itself, which I can't remember what's the name of it. Queen Anne's Revenge? Black Pearl? See... I dunno coz I haven't watch the previous two POTCs. Ha! Whatever it is, the replica ship is so huge, even filled the center court at Midvalley Megamall. Awesome!

    (Oh, I have to give a huge credit to my friend Yin Chao for lending me those photos. They're fantastic!!)