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Roll It With the Spikes

    It has been seen on the red carpet many times. And only someone with a brave soul would rock in these studded shoes without making it looking too tacky. Looking out there, yes; but tacky, that depends on what you pair it with. Or what kind of 'face' really wear this kind of shoes. It's Christian Louboutin Rollerball and Rollerboy spikes loafers, that is so avant garde making as if you're the dominatrix walking on the streets.

    As much as the metallic studded spikes has been roaming around quite some times, Louboutin has come up with the all black leather Rollerball for Fall/Winter 2011 collection. It looks amazing and so edgy, and definitely be a best seller again (you've gotta make a reservation NOW!). As for the current season, it's the denim Rollerboy that made a headline since denim is a big trend for Spring/Summer as always. Or if you wanna unleash that animal instinct in you - the ponyhair leaopard print Rollerboy is the one to go for. Fierce!

    Anyway, I still find it funny about the dispute between YSL and Christian Louboutin over the 'red sole' thing. It's not you who invented it, Louboutin - it's been there for ages! But still, we love your shoes. Almost...

    [pix from christian louboutin]

    I'm still thinking when should I wear my studded shoes. Not quite Louboutin, but still an edgy one from highstreet!