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Trendspotting : Ultraslim Watches

    Everything tend to go ultraslim and skinny nowadays. Skinny jeans, skinny suits, ultraslim television, extra slim camera, etc... etc. And latest to join the bandwagon is Rado, that has just released their new Rado True Thinline watches - tauted to be the thinnest ceramic watch ever created. Really, the effort has to be applauded coz to come up with that ulthin design, plus it's a ceramic material which by itself is not an easy to work with compared to the typical malleable steel - all aspect of watchmaking need to be taken care of. 

    To allow this new ultra thin structure, in their press release Rado mentioned that all of the components have been intensively reworked to ensure they are fully integrated, including the quartz movement that is exclusive to the watchmaker. Demanding and challenging in its manufacture, the Rado True Thinline will offer all the key properties of high-tech ceramics, such as luxurious comfort and strength, as well as adding a new dimension of being lightweight to the extreme.

    The Rado True Thinline collection features clear gold coloured indexes, replaced by diamonds on the Jubilé version, accentuated by the fully integrated domed sapphire crystal. The case and buckle, both in high-tech ceramics, fit perfectly into the integrated rubber bracelet. Price? Expect to pay thousands for the uber style...

    [pix from rado and professional watches]

    If you think the ultraslim design is to die for but don't have the fund to pay for Rado, you might want to consider going for something quite similar from Skagen. Just like what I got last year, which I think the best ultraskinny watches out there in the market. It doesn't look too tacky unlike Swatch Skin. Well, of course they're not ceramic but the stainless steel mesh strap and casing is really worth buying!

    The casing itself is almost 5-mm thin, coupled with its strap with merely 1-mm thick. So slim that it looks flushed into your wrist. I got two Skagen watches last year: one in black round casing which is more for sporty/casual wear, and the silver stainless steel  rectangular watch for formal attire. What I love about 'em is its lightweight which make it feel barely there when I wore 'em. Fantastic.

    There're many designs to choose from - both for the ladies and gents. And I'm still reeling to get another one with leather strap. Skinny, chic and the most important - very flushed look!