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Turquoise or Midnite Blue?

    There's an anonymous asking me in the previous blogpost, where he/she could find a decent turquoise shirt to be worn to the prom. (see, I put he OR she coz I didn't know the gender) To be honest, I don't really know where to find one. If anonymous is a guy, maybe you should try at, or you could always find one if you search through Previously in London, I normally find color shirt at either Topman, River Island or H&M since they used to do a good slimfit turquoise shirt in cotton mix fabric, and quite reasonable price.

    Anyway, don't you think that when you go to the prom you should wear a suit? Mentioning turquoise, Calvin Klein did a slimfit suit in aqua color which looks quite summery and chic. It may be dear to your wallet coz ... you know, it's Calvin Klein! But if you wanna go for something quite similar, yet doesn't burn a big hole in your pocket, the one by Lambretta at Asos could also be a good choice. What I like in both suits is the one-button thing, which to me is always what I tend to go for.  

    On the other hand, turquoise is not really a color I would choose for a suit coz it somehow screams too weddingy, or too Miami Vice. Worse, it may look like a 70's pimp daddy! Yikes! In other words, it's tacky. For a safe bet I'd rather pick an outfit in a darker shades of blue, such as the midnight blue like the one worn by Zac Efron in the previous cover of GQ. It made you look much classier and better like a grown-up. Since it's summer, you should wear a linen fabric - much better for the heat out there, plus it can give better sheen against the lighting. Like the one I got previously from River Island.

    Or if you really a fashion forward and have a thick wallet - choose Roberto Cavalli, like the one featured in the August Man magazine - though the color is more towards the early dawn blue instead of midnite one. :)

    [pix from, asos, gq, and august man]