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Womenswear from Male Perspective?

    My friend Angie called me the other day saying, "hey, those post about the Elie Tahari resort looks quite nice. The white thingy. So, why don't you post somethng about womenswear more?". Erkkss... what? I thought there's a lot of female bloggers out there who already do that. Too much, too abundant. And mine is more about men's fashion; so to write things for the ladies, erm... I think kureng sesowai la. Ahaks! I'm not gonna fall into the whole women's fashion blackhole like other blogs do. (Including some by men, which i don't understand why).

    Then I ask, "why do I want to write about womenswear?" "Well, at least we could read things from a male perspective?. It would be different , you know..." Male perspective, huh? Oh, okay. That's a good point. Yet again, I do put some once in a while, right? Esp those that I said something for the ladies - which I think quite appropriate given that some of the readers are also ..erm..ladies. There, fair and square. Ahaks!

    Talking about womenswear from a male perpective, what do men really want to see on women? Nothing. Ngehaha...well, that'll sound too lewd, isn't it? Ha! The things is we - or at least, me - wanna see something simple. Classy, yes... but simple. Doesn't really matter about the price tag, the most important is to know how to put things together. You can wear something elaborate but never make it look tacky. Please keep all those too much prints, too much florals, too much colors, too much studded or whatever - all of that - when you go out with your girlfriends. But not with us. We don't wanna be distracted with all of that when we go out together. We wanna see you, your face - so please, be simple, keep it to the minimum. That's all we ask! So, throw all those Pucci and Missoni out from our sight!

    So, from my own perspective what I wanna see? Black and white always make me go wild. Like these monochrome ensemble by Kevork Kiledjian for Resort 2012 collection. Simple and chic, and it does bring out the best features in a lady.

    Or like the Zac Posen Resort 2010 white dress worn by Coco Rocha. Yeah, it might look a bit clinical - but there's a hint of understated class in it.

    Or if you wanna wear floral or prints, let it be 'barely there' and not too overpowering.


    And an LBD always work for us. Like this Donna Karan Resort 2012 collection. Black is always a mysterious color that we love.

    Or any red. Red is always hot, and we like it on you. No, not too lipstick red... just simple crimson like this.

    Or sometimes, we love it when you go a bit flirty. Like this simple tulip dress by Donna Karan. And it's red! :)

    For evening wear, a red dress would do it perfectly. We love something with a touch of Jessica Rabbit... or Julia Roberts in Pretty Woman. It'll make us drool...

    Or, if you wanna teases with some colors, do it brilliantly. Like this gradual tone asymmteric wrap by Monique Lhuillier for Resort 2012. It looks gorgeous, when you glide in the thigh high slit flowy billowy dress.

    Perhaps, you can never go wrong impressing us when we see you in any of these Zac Posen dresses. On the red carpet, when you got the snaps from the paparazzis you'll look magical. And we feel the moment too - the magic to be with you.

    Or, at least if you mention to us that is a cloud dress... it would remind us of iCloud from Apple. See, you remind us to what we love too: gadget! (Sorry, totally unrelated, ha!)

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