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All Tweeds @ Carven SS'12

    Probably it was inspired by too much Chanel, it seems that the designer at Carven try to add a bit of tweed not only for the jacket, but also the shorts and boots. But, tweed for Spring/Summer 2012? It's a bit odd to be wearing heavy wool stuff during the warm weather - a definite recipe for disaster coz you're gonna toast yourself to the max when the sun is high up there. Yet, these ensemble got some charm... maybe it's not that tweed; or only look like tweed. Looks pretty cool, and breathing some Chanel vibes into it.

    Tweed or no tweed, I love that boots!

    And I love this look too. Pairing up the gingham shirt that is buttoned up to the top, with the lace-up boots and a biker jacket - this one totally rock the preppy edgy look.

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