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Bally 'Binci' iPad Cases

    I love an understatement when it comes to accessories. Probably because I'm start getting the gist of the mujirushi concept myself that it's better to have a discreet branding of a fashion house to really appreciate the workmanship of it, rather than having too obvious and too conspicuous brandname spilled all over them. Not that I'm saying I'm totally deject the existence of brandname on my accessories, no. But somehow, having items that is plain sans the logo is actually bringing out true beauty of that particular things. (still, I'm not gonna give away my YSL iPad cases, okay!)

    Mentioning understatement, these iPad cases by Bally truly speaks the spirit. Codename: Binci, you won't see any brandname whatsoever except when you look closer on the cover, there's a discreet 'Bally Switzerland' hot-pressed stamp exists on the center flap. And of course, another is in the inside cover, which still very tastefully placed. What I love about these iPad cases is the material; grained leather just like Prada Saffiano. Knowing the brand and having some Bally's my own, I'm guessing the leather feel very supple to the touch.

    This chic-looking iPad cases has an extra slip compartment if you wanna keep some papers inside. And with the thinner feature (0.4-inch thick), it's meant to be for iPad2 rather than the previous generation Apple tablet. (you've gotta squeeze the predecessor if you buy this cases!). Comes in various colors like red, ivory, black, dark brown and blue - these Binci ipad cases looks so simple, yet chic.

    Btw, I'm loving that ivory... which I think goes well with my Bally ivory brogue boots!

    [pix from bally]

    Playing matchmaker, I think the ivory Binci goes well with my Bally ivory brogue boots...