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The BigFat July Reads

    Time flies so frickin' fast, don't you think? And now it's already July, meaning we all already have pased more than half a year! I have to say I'm quite freakin' out as well coz there's a lot of things to do that I haven't got time to complete it yet. Some dateline to meet, not to mention some dateline already being way too surpassed. But whatever it is... I really have to manage time very well, otherwise everything will just flew out of the window. I think I do need a lot of PAs around me. I don't need another PDA or PAD (that's iPad, ha!) - just some PAs to run all the errands for me. Things that has to be done are too surmounted, and I don't have enough hands to do them. Eeek..!

    Anyway. Put that aside, and let's go and grab something to read. What's out there on the bookstand that I picked up this month? There're fashion magazines, some home decor, a couple of scientific material and an online stuff as well.

    August Men : Chris Evans on the cover, as part of promoting his new movie Captain America : The First Avenger. (You know at some countries they omit the 'Captain America' part coz they think it'll cause quite a stir). Didn't I think that Chris looks a bit washed out or too tired in the pix? Just see his eyes.. tired!

    Men's Folio : the Squash King, Azlan Iskandar on the cover. He also graced the editorials inside wearing stuff from Hugo Boss etc, etc...

    Men's Uno : Godfrey Gao is photographed alongside the dynamic duo - Stefano Dolce & Domenico Gabbana. There's no way I understand what's written inside coz everything is in Chinese, but fashion is universal as it even surpassed the language barrier.

    Esquire Malaysia : Bradley Cooper on the cover, which is similar to the one of US version (I've mentioned about this in the previous post).

    Men's Health and Men's Fitness : I always need a dash of health mag every month. And still, I'm waiting for my Men's Health UK to arrive...

    Glam Lelaki : featuring Hardy Hartono on the cover (whoever he is, not important...!). This one too I have featured in the previous post on how to pair sneakers and suit.

    Glam : it's always good to read something about women's fashion coz menswear sometimes echoes from it. I actually love the fashion writing style in Bahasa - the adibusana, polos, sedondon and what not which I think is quite fascinating.

    Some home & decor magazines which I can't live without. Since my first passion is actually interior design, decor mags are my must-haves. My ultimate favorite is Australia's Home Beautiful magazine coz I definitely love Australian houses and the i.d. - the best compared to anywhere else in the world! (perhaps I should go and live Down Under? no, not the grave silly!)

    Glam Deko : you've got to see Mr Jimmy Choo's home - in KL, not in London. But still, it's Jimmy Choo! (you know I do wear and have met Jimmy Choo, right?)

    Ok, this is very technical and doesn't apply to all of you out there. Since I am officially a member of the Institution of Chemical Engineer (IChemE) and Society of Petroleum Engineer (SPE), these two mags are sent every month into my mailbox. You've got to understand that Chemical Engineers are the forefront of economy AND fashion. How? Coz we are the one who produce the stuff for you guys to use in making that clothes, the bags, the shoes, the accessories etc, etc without you knowing it! Think nylon, polyester, acrylic, pleather... then you know what I mean. :)

    GQ UK iPad magazine. It's not the full magazine, yet I've got a preview of the mag which is quite interesting. Things are similar to the printed version, only that this one has more features in it such as the 'moving' photos (much like newspaper in Harry Potter), some videos, interactive adverts, etc. And oh, if you download this month's issue featuring Rosie Huntington-Whiteley - the Victoria Secret supermodel and now the actress of the new Transformer movie, there's some exclusive pix inside which is not available from the printed media. Yet one thing you won't get when downloading this iPad mag - there's no free perfume samples comes with it, ha! But still, there's Rosie. Awesome!