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Boys Do... and Will Cry Too!

    Working with kids is really challenging. That's why in showbusiness, they said to avoid working with children or animals, coz you'll never know what they're up to. And that's what happened on the runway at Smalto during the Spring/Summer 2012 show in Paris. The kid which is holding hand with Alex Cunha is seeing sobbing all the way through the runway... giving some kind of question mark to those who attended the presentation : is it part of the show, or is it a real stuff?

    I think it's real, maybe something had flipped that boy which tears him up. Something that happen backstage, maybe? Whatever it is, I applauded Alex for giving a straight-face all the way on the catwalk. That's what professionalism is all about.

    For the kid, somehow it looks so cute in that matching suit, isn't it? Seeing him crying, all I wanted to say is - together now: aaaawwww.....

    [pix via fashionista]

    That incident actually reminded me of what happen last year when I came home for a quick break in April. When I brought my nephews and niece for a tour at Putrajaya, my 7-year-old nephew suddenly flipped out and became upset of something (I think he refuses to take photo with us!). And cried.

    So, dengan machonya I have to carry him all the way from the Square to the Putra mosque where I parked my car. Thankfully, about 10 min, everything is okay after I calm him down (and whispered some sweet thing to him. Kena gula-gula punya ayat la sket, ahaks!).

    Anyway, that's about working with kids; you've gotta to be ready with everything that might happen. On the claim that not to work with kids or animals - I think that's just a ridiculous statement. We have to be more cautious, that's all! =)