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Burberry's Chunky Soles for the Funky Souls

    Whether it's a Sarkozy effect or their bid to win the younger generation to really buy the brand, Burberry has gone out of their normal comfort zone to offer such edgy footwear. Latest in their collection are these arrays of shoes ranging from the lace-up brogues and tassel loafers, to the front-zippered boots - these shoes are not to be messed about. Why? Coz their soles are thick and chunky, which definitely would raise up the height towards the sky. Not to mention they look so high-gripping with those sawblades lookalike features underneath.

    I actually love how funky it looks especially the pairing of the color they used. Though it's not for your typical shoes to the office, these footwear are definitely for the braveheart who wouldn't mind to stand out in the crowd (no pun intended..ahaks!). Or perhaps, with that kind of soles... somehow it reminds me of the safety shoes I used to wear. Probably now I could wear these Burberry instead? And oh, why suddenly I'm also sensing a little bit of Prada when I saw these?

    Anyhow, it's available to buy online. These chunky soles are definitely for the funky souls...

    [pix from burberry]