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... But Dude, Where's my iPad? : Part 6

    Oh, dude... my iPad it's on the fridge door! Ahaks!

    Remember that once upon a time when LG try to release that internet TV fridge, and it doesn't create that much hooplas to the public? Well, time goes by so very fast coz i don't think that product really work that well. Or perhaps, the fridge was too pricey for average people like us to own one, that's why the response was quite cold. As cold as the fridge inside (no pun intended, nggg...).

    Anyway, fast forward, lots of people now own an iPad. More than 14 million perhaps. And that also include people who own a fridge.. which is, erm...billions? So, why not made your own internet TV fridge with this new product instead: the FridgePad by Woodford Design.

    Ok, I have one my own - that I stick my iPad onto my Samsung fridge door. The concept is the same as the fridge magnet since at the back of the stuff is a large magnetic 'pad' which is very strong. So strong that even if I slam the door very hard, it doesn't fell. Careful though, coz you do need to fix the screw of the bracket well, unless... erm, the thing will fall nonetheless.

    If you think that, uh uh.. it's bad idea to stick any electrical items to a magnetic field coz it'll damage the curcuit of your gadget - don't worry, coz the company ensure us that it is safe. So now, with the FridgePad I can browse the recipes at Epicurious easily... and cook better (I hope!).

    Or, while I cook I can follow the dance routine by Shinee thru YouTube - that Lucifer move is so fast pace! Fierceee! =)

    [read my Samsung fridge story here and here]

    dude...why your fridge magnet got a screen? :)

    the pad is made of plastic... careful to not break it while you remove the thing from the fridge.

    the magnetic pad that fill almost the entire backside. the brackets are secured with tiny screws.
    the FridgePad comes with two sets of brackets : one for iPad 1st gen, and another for iPad2.

    Epicurious is now at my fingertips... in my kitchen!

    ready to dancercise with Shinee's Lucifer?