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Camel Beauty @ Gucci FW'11

    The color camel has spilled into Fall/Winter collection again, but this time it's seen on the accessories instead of just on the clothes. Seen at Gucci for FW11/12, some bags collection in camel looks utterly delicious in buttery soft leather. From the tote with the plait handles, to the portfolio and messenger bags carrying the same intrecciato features - camel is indeed a neutral tone that will make it huge for next season.

    Another thing I realize is that Gucci keep on continuing their effort to downplay the 'too much logo' branding and opting for the mujirushi concept again. Times and times, any bags awashed with the interlocking double G logos or the one that bears a big 'Gucci' on the center have started to fade, and goes with a bit discreet branding detail like the signature diamante pattern or like these pieces with a very small logo on the bottom side. Too small that you do need to 'scrutinize' the bag, which eventually would lead you to that aha! moment, "oh my, this is Gucci!". Does Gucci finally started to grab the similar ethos like what Tomas Maier did for Bottega Veneta : no brand or logo is needed, instead the craftsmanship of the said item is the one that truly speak out that it is indeed from the fashion house? A brilliant move towards the less conspicuous world.

    Btw, I love that camel portfolio. What a succulently tempting clutch...

    [pix from gucci]