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Dress for the Part

    I love that quote by Edith Head. Somehow, there's a truth in it, which is what can help you climb the career ladder of your dream. In her book,  she discusses how to dress appropriately for the type of job that you want; but once you get that rung in the ladder - buck the trends and be yourself. I found this somewhere in the web, about Edith Head's list of things or the 'success formula' for how to dress: 

    1. Decide what kind of job you really want and prepare yourself for it.
    2. Decide if you are qualified for it. If not, look for one you can handle.
    3. Find out the "image" of the job - how men or women in that field or firm look and dress. Ask someone who works there. If you don't know anyone, go at noontime or at 5 P.M. and watch those who work there leaving. Find out the general "look" of the employees.
    4. Dress carefully for your appointment in what you have found is the generally accepted look.
    5. Above all, be well groomed and look like a man or woman who would be a credit to the firm. Then do a good job!
    But one thing to also remember, some working institution has their own dress code, therefore you should adhere to it whenever you could. As far as dressing for the part and climbing the career ladder, if I may add to the list it would have to be this: made yourself an asset to the company, not an ass!