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The Fake, The Lie and The Truth

    The Fake

    Last October I went to Singapore with a group of colleague to select book at the publishers' warehouse for my Uni library. It was a fun trip coz I haven't been to Singapore ever since the last time I visited the country when I was 6 years old. And to be back at the Lion City, I'm just ecstatic since I've been seeing all the development that has happened all these while. Plus, it's a free trip for me - so, what not to enjoy it?

    One night, after dinner at nearby cafe in Arab Street we went out to the Singapore's most famous shopping mall - the Mustafa Center. It's the 24-hour mall that you can find anything from food to clothes to whatever you wish for. Didn't I just mentioned it open round the clock? Yup, you heard it right... so next time you woke up at midnite and suddenly having that shopping rush in you - go to Mustafa Center to fill your craving.

    As what I normally do when I go travelling, the one thing I must buy is the perfume. Since my Carolina Herrera Chic perfume is finishing, I thought what better than to buy a new one which I can get at the fragrance corner of the mall. And voila! They got it, and I am utterly delighted that it was at half price.

    So, i went back to the hotel and open the packaging. And what a big surprise I became when I found out that the Chic for Men perfume that I bought turned out to be a fake. A bigfat fake perfume! How do I know?

    As soon as I took the fragrance out from it's box, the first thing I noticed is the color of the bottle. Having been using Chic since 2004, I automatically know that the color of the bottle is not as it supposed to be. It's a clear transparent instead of frosty grey. I'm started to wonder if the company really wanted to trim down the cost by using a truly clear bottle - but thinking about Carolina Herrera which is a huge conglomerate itself, I don't think they will do that. So, this must be a fake.

    Then I lifted the bottle cap, and it felt flimsy and not as sturdy as what I bought from Harrods. Straight away I thought there was something wrong about it. Not just that, it fell apart. Yes, the inner shell of the cap just broke and fell off from the outer part. Are you kidding me?

    Then I sprayed it onto my wrist; the fragrance doesn't smell like it used to. I know Chic and I know its original scent but this one lack that vavavoom factor like what it supposed to be giving. It felt flat... like its been diluted from the original perfume.

    Last thing is the price. Oh, come on... exactly where in Asia that anyone dare to bring the price down when it comes to a perfume? Never in my entire life I found one before: except at Harrods in London. So, my verdict: it's a fake!

    The Lie

    When it come to anti-perspirant, I'd rather use the stick or roll-on compared to the aerosol. I really hate aerosol thing - not just because it does harm the environment, but the smell of things that come out of it really stink the nose pretty bad. And I really resent that, period.

    To find a great roll-on or anti-perspirant stick is like a huge effort by itself. The one that I trusted is only the L'oreal MenExpert roll-on which I've been using since it came out last year in the UK, which proven making the underarm dry no matter what. The bad thing: I've just run out of stock of that stuff and have to find a suitable replacement for it.

    And that's when I found the Nivea Silver Protect anti-perspirant stick to save me from that smelly underarm. This thing cost about RM10, so expensive for a small little thing. The verdict? Liar!!!

    It says there it will keep the underarm dry no matter what. Liar! It's a bigfat lie coz my underarm is not dry when i sweat and it doesn't look cool. Though Nivea did say yadda, yadda, got that silver protect thing for anti-bacterial purpose, but dude, if your underarm is sweaty it means it's prone to bacteria, silly!

    So, this product claim is absolute lie!!! Time to chuck it into the bin!

    The Truth

    Hmm.. what is the truth? The truth is, I seldom used a comb to do my hair. All I use is what nature gave me - my own fingers. That's why my hair seem a bit mess-up coz that's what it supposed to look - mess-up effect, lol!

    Oh, another truth. I am so delighted to be able to escape from my room last night. I was trapped in my own bedroom in my own house, and I haven't got a clue why does the door can't be opened from the inside. It was 2 am last night when I fell asleep in my new 11-inch-thick mattress, and suddenly woke up to get some water from the kitchen - but i just can't get the door open. It's so frickin' weird coz it never happened before!

    I can say I'm quite freaking out coz there's no one to get rescue. I tried to open it using a card but it doesn't work coz the latch is on the other way around. I tried so many times to work that door knob, but still hopeless. I try to call my neighbor but they're not in. Thankfully there's a dumbell in the room, so I dismantle the weight and took the bar to smash that knob. And what happen? The thing cracks up but unfortunately there's the latch in there which is still stuck to it and I  can't took it out.

    And thank God, I have my iPhone with me so I called the fire brigade, and told what happen. They said they will send a rescue team, though to talk to that operator is one hell of an effort coz she doesn't understand what happen.

    It's about an hour ordeal... suddenly I heard someone's coming to the front of the house. Nope, it's not the fire brigade, but my neighbor who just got home. Thankful, my bedroom is at the groundfloor so I gave him my keys and ask if he could open it from the outside.

    Long story short, he finally rescued me and I can never be more thankful to him for his big help. A couple of minutes later, the whole fire team arrived, though it's quite a problem to reach my house since they keep on getting lost. Blame the developer for putting the street sign on the wrong way!

    Anyway. I am severely thankful, though still feeling quite traumatised for the whole thing. And for my bedroom door, the old knob has been smashed and I really need to find a new one.