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Fashion Quiz

    Let's do some fashion quiz, and see where do you stand when it comes to style, styling and grooming. While most of them are for men, some are taken from the women's fashion site, but you can still play along with it. You know these quizzes are just for fun, so why not click the link below and see what the answers tell you!


    1. What Is Your Style? [click]
    The result:
    Posh. Whatever is the latest and greatest in fashion, you already have it in your closet. Any street you walk down is your own runway. And who cares about the price of those labels? Looking good means you feel good, so why not?
    (thank God it's Posh, not Posh Spice. Ahaks!)

    2. Men’s Fashion Quiz [click]
    The result:
    Your fall style is emo. You feel most at home in dark colors and aren't a stranger to stand-out belts, Converse sneakers, fitted military jackets with metallic accents, or leather. You probably love fall because it allows you to comfortably layer your favorite pieces to make a personal statement.
    (Converse sneakers, huh? Where did I read about that entry before....:D)

    3. How well groomed are you? [click]
    The result:
    Well-groomed at most times. You take care to see you are well-groomed and look good all the time. It is a very good habit.
    (*so lame quiz, the answer got only two choices!)

    4. Guess Who Designed the Spring '11 Menswear Look! [click]
    The result:
    You answered 8 out of 8 questions correctly. Excellent job! No doubt, you're a Spring menswear fashion guru.

    5. Dress Codes for Men Quiz [click]
    The result:
    You are 100% accurate.  You scored between 81 and 100%. Great score! You know your dress codes.

    6. Men: What is your style? [click]
    The result:
    For 50 % you are: The metro. You are into trends and you like to look good. You are not afraid to shop and you are always the best dressed man in the room. An item to buy to shake things up: athletic gear.

    7. What style of Men's Underwear best suits your personality? [click]
    The result:
    You Scored as Bikini.
    (so... that explains why there's plenty, huh? :D)

    8. What fashion designer fits you?
    The result:
    Versace. Oww, the essence of haute! You are flashy, daring, and dramatic! You believe in beauty above practicality and view fashion as art.
    (suddenly, it's a broken link! No click, Sorry...)