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Free the Cords!

    Aren't you sick of all the cords and tangles that causing you massive problems everytime you wanna use your earphones to listen to the music? I do and I really hate it. Worse if it stuck either to the handles of the kitchen cabinet, or the dumbells that I'm lifting or even to my own knee whenever I ducked to wear my shoes before going to office (yup, it really happen!). So, what did I do to solve the problems?

    Go chordless. Or, go bluetooth to be exact coz that's what I just got the other day when my bluetooth earphones arrived in my mailbox. Two of them - Sportsband and Freedom bluetooth headset by Jaybird. One week using them, my verdict is simple: awesome. I know it's an understatement, but the fact is that those things really work!

    Soon I'll be writing my own reviews on those headsets. Know what...  I never feel so much hassle with the tangles ever since. Money truly well spent. =)