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The Grey Matter

    Last week I read an article about "How to Avoid 7 Common On-the-Job Mistakes". Quite enlightening article which give some tips on things that we tend to ignore while we're working. It doesn't really matter where you work or what you do, the thing is if you did follow to not doing the mistakes, I think everyone will stick to their job whenever they could. And lead to a better promotion, I guess?

    One of the mistake is: "Failing to dress to impress", that says...

    Some of the best job advice I've heard is to to always dress at least one step above your current position. It helps others picture you working above your current position and makes you look extremely professional. You're not just an intern/entry-level professional, you have the potential to be so much more--so act like it.

    So, last week I tried on the tips which I think is no harm since the way I dress is typically corporate office attire anyway. With blazer that has become my staple office wardrobe ever since I'm back into the job. Yet, I went to have more fun by wearing a three-piece instead : with the matching waistcoat in merino wool that I bought long time ago at H&M. Lately it's very cold in the office coz the air-cond is cranked up and the whole floor feel like Autumn 2011!

    And since the mood of that day is grey slimfit suit, what better than to pair the whole attire with pink shirt and matching crochet tie. To complete the look are the leather bag by SEED and my Jimmy Choo suede boots; all in grey.

    And the results? As it is, which I think at least impresses the onlookers when I go for breakfast. My colleague, R, says... wah, you looks smart la! But one thing that they didn't know - the pants is too tight! And it's the department meeting that day, suddenly I have to be so bersopan when I sat!

    slimfit suit - River Island : merino wool waistcoat - H&M
    shirt - Zara : crochet tie - Uniqlo
    leather bag - SEED : watch - Skagen
    suede boots - Jimmy Choo x H&M : iPad case - YSL