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I See Speckles

    It's time to go intergalactic. When Christopher Kane came up with the galaxy prints on some of the t-shirts and hoodies for the current Spring/Summer 2011 collection, lots of labels from the high end as well as highstreet seem to follow suit. Though not as stellar as Mr. Kane, but at least they're having the same theme - stars, outerspace, Milky Way, solar system, land far far away etc, etc - it's truly about the mystery up there above our atmosphere.

    When you gaze up towards the sky, what do you see? The speckles of light emitted by the stars, isn't it? Well, okay at least you have to see it in a starry night when the sky is clear (not when it's hazy like last week!). And I think, that's what I also see on this new t-shirt from Asos - as if there're speckles spreading all over it. Like a starry night... and it's pretty cool.

    The so-called 'special effect' is actually caused by the cotton material which is interwoven in the fabrication of the polyester-mix of this t-shirt. It looks quite raw too, that you almost feel as if the cotton has just been plucked from its field. Somehow it just like how tweed looks, with the flecks and stuff. Besides, I love how light the t-shirt is, as if it is weightless making it so suitable to be worn in the hot summer weather.

    Anyway. Intergalactic. Don't you just wish you could board the Virgin Galactic SpaceshipOne to experience the outerspace?

    [pix from asos]

    on yours truly...

    t-shirt and ring - Asos :: cuff - Burton
    watch - Bench :: cropped jogger - Voi