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Is It Time for the Fori Shoes, Again?

    So, you have watched Dolce & Gabbana show for Spring/Summer 2012, huh? What was it like? Do you love all the perforated things that have been paraded on the runway a couple of weeks back? Just a quick newsflash for you - do you know that the inspiration of everything 'mesh' and 'perforated' on those easy breezy clothes and accessories are actually came from the fishermen's village in Italy? Yup, you heard it right. Apparently the dynamic duo are really inspired by the fishnet and all that they decided to feature it into the collection and make it high fashion. And voila! You see the cutout on almost everything. I dunno if Dolce & Gabbana really wanna outdo Prada when the fashion house also did their fori version for SS'10. (which made me go gaga over the saffiano fori portfolio bag!)

    Anyway. One of the perforated accessories seen on Dolce's show is this pair of lace-up shoes which i took somewhere in the blogosphere (which I've forgotten the link, sorry!). Somehow I'm sensing a similar vibes with the YSL cage boots for the ladies since they all feature the squarish fori throughout.

    If you really into the economics, do you think it's worth to pay a huge sum of money for less material being used to made this shoes? Coz why, if you take a same lace-ups like this - but without all those mesh going on - wouldn't it be having more leather per square inch compared to this one since all the punched-out leather has made it become less material used (per square inch!). You get what I mean, right? Yet, if you're into art and stuff - of course, you can't put any price tag to it coz art is priceless. (for everything else, there's always Mastercard, ahaks!)

    Anyway, mentioning perforated shoes... I think it gave me some kind of flashback to the time I tried the Prada fori lace-ups quite a while ago during the Sale at Selfridges. Though not as larger mesh as Dolce's, it's proven to be quite breezy when I wore it. Great 'ventilation' to the feet during the hot weather, though. 

    the cutout mesh shoes at backstage Dolce & Gabbana SS'12 show

    the Prada fori lace-ups that I tried at Selfridges, London.

    Or at least, I can still experience the same 'ventilation' feel if I wear my previous Giorgio Armani shoes. And it's perforated white (with a bit of black), which somehow screams summer! without I'm knowing it! :)

    the Giorgio Armani perforated lace-ups that I wore last time to Hummingbird @ South Kensington.