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Joining the Slim Gang

    Converse Chuck Taylor slim sneakers are new? Nope, not to me at least coz I got it last year when it made it debut in the UK early 2010. The slimmer undersoles are the coolest thing ever coz somehow it reinvented the typical Chuck Taylor that has been a cult to any Converse lovers.

    When I was invigilating a group of Masters students yesterday, I found something that delighted me. Though the invigilation itself was the most boring invigilation ever - coz there's only 14 students, and I am there alone, with no one to talk to! - on the other hand, seeing some of them wearing the Converse Slim sneakers at least gave a smile to my face. Glad becoz someone in the campus really know their fashion pretty well too... and looking much contemporary with that shoes.

    All I can say : holla! Welcome to the Slim gang. You have a new way to Converse!

    the canvas Slim Chuck Taylor [click]

    the leather Chuck Taylor [click]

    [oh dang... the bulus really need some tlc!]