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Justin Timberlake in Simon Spurr - "Friends With Benefit" New York Premiere

    Justin Timberlake stepped out onto the red carpet recently for the premiere of 'Friends With Benefit' wearing the grey suit by Simon Spurr. The same suit worn by Taylor Fuchs when he opened the Spring/Summer 2011 show in New York a couple of months back.

    What I like about the suit is the silhouette of pattern which seems to be horizontal lines in a form of neo-Prince of Wales check that looks so modern, moving away from making the ensemble too plain under the flashbulbs of the papz. I'm guessing the fabric is a linen-mix, which is much dearer in the hot summer weather out there. Breathable and airy, without wearing you down or sweat-quenching unlike wool-mix. The color grey is very urban, parallel to the chic and metro feel of the New York City itself.

    Nevertheless, there seem something not quite right about how Justin wear. I was expecting the fit should be more waist-hugging, coz that'll make him look much edgier than this blah appearance. This one, well... it looks like a banker who got your form ready to sign. Eeek..! And, I know it's cool to wear the pocket square to compliment the suit (by which, he went for the winged puff), but whassup with the black? It's a total oh, no! rather than cool. I think, better go with the similar grey scheme but in a shade darker to make a slight streamlined contrast.

    The worst part: dude, your pants are too long! I know you're walking the red carpet (or in this case, black carpet), but please don't tell me you wanna sweep it too. Yikes! That look so ugly. And what's with the suede again?? How the hell that every male actor nowadays are walking the red carpet in suede shoes? Opt for a patent, or a plain oxford rather than suede, please!

    [pix from and just jared]