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Louboutin Louis Python Sneakers

    Very few designer sneakers can be in simple design, yet at the same time the sneakers really pops. Most comes with too much stuff going on - either multicolored, some with tacky add-ons like wings, pom-poms and all, or even unnecessary straps-laces combo which I dunno why the heck they do that. To me simplicity is the best policy when it comes to anything; simple, understated, where the clothes should silently speaks for itself rather than demanding it to scream out loud.

    And then come this Louboutin sneakers that throws you into the exotica bandwagon. Codename: Louis, this sneakers is nothing but so simple in its look. What is so uber-awesome about this shoes is the python skin which made it up. The scales of the slithering serpent looks so amazing in the glossy black, making it one designer sneakers that you should have in your high-end shoe pedestal. The irregular patterns of the scales give more story to tell, while the same color undersole keep the whole look well streamlined. I love the simple black laces that further stamped the understated but superb look of the sneakers.

    And of course, apart from 'Louboutin' label on the side, there's the signature red sole that further confirms that this sneakers is indeed a Louboutin. Fabtabulous!

    [pix from christian louboutin]