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Louis Vuitton Monogramme Canvas & Taiga Leather iPad Folders

    Right now I think those iPad users are becoming much more aware that protecting their fav Apple tablet is not just a matter of necessity; but also a matter of style conjuncture. The iPad cases not only serve what it suppose to do, yet in a bigger picture it should also tell who you are on the sartorial level. In addition, the functionality is what it's all about too - to protect, to safekeep and to make it ready and fast enough for you to access the screen of the tablet whenever you want to.

    And the last factor is what I think made Louis Vuitton (as well as Gucci) to came up with the new versions of iPad cases in a proper folder type or portfolio style (just like my YSLs and Dior Homme cases), instead of slip-in cases what they have before (though it's a massive bestseller!). Faster accessibility to the screen without having to waste time taking the gadget out which may even risk you to drop the stuff on the floor - that is on their mind, I guess. And of course, to be able to fold it like a stand; that is another feature that they add to these new cases.

    They came with two versions - the Monogramme and the Taiga leather, both having the same designs with the microfibre lining. What i don't quite understand is the flap at the bottom (picture on the right) - where does it go when you close the folder?

    Anyway, the bottom line is, by keeping your iPad in a folder type like this is much better coz it made accessibility much faster and safer than a typical slide-in iPad cases. And of course, if you have more than £420 to spare, get those!

    [pix from louis vuitton]