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Men's Guide to Dressing Well

    This is one article I found in the last week's newspaper which I think is very interesting. It's about the 'Men's Guide to Dressing Well'. Why is it important for men to dress the best? Well, it's all about feeling and being confident, and clothing is one of the easiest ways to give you that. Lots of people say, you should feel good from the inside to be able to project the good to the outside. Yet likewise, you should also look good on the outside to really feel good in the inside; so everything would balance out. But guys, you do have to differentiate between  confidence and cockiness though - coz both doesn't go hand in hand unfortunately!

    I hate to give fashion advice coz I'm not really qualified to do so. Yet, if there's one thing that always be my mantra is : know and be who you are. Coz from then on, you'll build up what will good on you.

    [scanned from the new straits times]

    If it doesn't fit, don't wear it.
    Just because you have a nice, expensive suit, or a pair of stylish dark denim, deosn't mean you are fashionable. You need to make sure your clothing fits properly if you want to look your best. pants that are too tight, or suit coats that are too big will make you look anything but polished, no matter how much you spend on them.

    Keep it simple.
    Simplicity is one of the most important concepts to developing a fashion sense. Wear less than three colors at all times, and keep jewellery to a necklace and a watch.
    (necklace?  I'd rather stick to a ring, instead. A simple platinum band is all I need)

    Iron out the wrinkles.
    Needless to say, all of your clothing must be neat, clean and wrinkle-free if you want to look your best. Make a point to iron your pants and your shirts. If you find you don't always have time to do that, consider investing in a few wrinkle-free shirts and pants, and keep them nice and neat on hangers until it is time to bring them out of the closet.
    (I use the 'anti-wrinkle' spray to ease up my ironing. read it here)

    Invest in some nice socks.
    Nothing ruins a strapping suit like a pair of white cotton running socks. Keep your gym socks for the gym and fill your drawers with at least five pairs of nylon dress socks that match your suit. As a general rule, those white socks should be kept for sneakers only.
    (I love Paul Smith stripes socks. It'll elevate your sartorial look without trying too hard. But do find a matching shoes to go with that. read it here )

    Make it a point to accessorize.
    A fashion accessory has to enable match the appearnce and look of your wardrobe. Accessories can add color, style and class to your attire, and create a cool stylish look. Sure, any man can put on a suit, but it is those who accessorize that really look polished and ready to meet the world. invest in small, yet essential things like cufflinks and watches to make sure you're always dressed your best.
    (still, i think it's disgusting to see men who wear any beaded bracelet whatsoever...just eewww!)

    Sneakers are never the right choice.
    Sneakers have come a long way and they have made their way past the gym and into our everyday lives. Unfortunately, no matter how comfortable and how stylish they are, they are never appropriate footwear for a polished look. Leave your sneakers at the sym and look for classy comfort in the casual shoe.
    (I am somewhat on the borderline here. I do agree that no sneakers should ever made its way into the boardroom. Yet, i think the writer is 'old'.. so he/she probably never tried to chillax in a suit + sneakers combo before)

    Find a tailor.
    Take a trip to your local tailor. Well-fitted clothes are essential for professional look. Clothing should hug the curves of your body as opposed to hanging off your body.
    (I told you so. Slim-fit, slim-fit and slim-fit!)

    Keep up to date with fashion.
    Outdated clothing, outdated hairstyles, outdated accessories may suggest to those around you that you are outdated. The key to successful dressing is assimilating to the people and environment around you. Allow others to envision themselves associating with you.
    (in other words, follow this blog! lol... btw, some people like to be outdated, coz it's retro or 'classic'. Don't you think? Not everyone wanna be a slave to fashion!)