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Monochromatic Weekend

    Weekend. What is the difference between a weekend and weekdays for me? No difference, except that in the weekend I don't have to go to the office. I still wake up at six in the morning. Still have to switch on that PC and crnching those numbers. Still have to communicate with people around me. But the only difference is, I'm at home. And be able to just sit back and relax too, not to worry whether I take my early morning shower, or to dress up in the office attire. I can just enjoy a big mug of coffee with nasi lemak in the morning, pull out the Sunday newspapers to read and later on sipping the afternoon tea - all while in the house, gazing towards my newly coiffured garden (if you call that a garden, still. Ha!). 

    And this weekend, it's all about going monochrome. It's not because of the haze outside (the sky is clearing off btw), but it's about feeling simplicity chic. And somewhat, going along with the decor. Monochromatic.Simple. No fuss.

    Still, I need to think what should I put into that picture frames. It's been more than four years, the original Ikea Riba artwork is still there. Hmmm...what should I put? Monochrome? :]

    Anyway. Why am I sensing some kind of deja vu in this picture? Oh, the theme is similar to the last year's one! [click]

    stripes sweater - Benetton
    cropped trousers - Uniqlo
    bluetooth headphone - Sportsband by Jaybird