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Nixon Shutter Tortoiseshell Watch

    Sometimes, adding some texture to a plain something can up it's style in an instant. And recently, I'm in the mood of some tortoiseshell... so what better to let it ornament me in a discreet feature that wraps around my wrist. The Nixon Shutter tortoiseshell watch is simple, but awesome in its own way.

    They said, third times a charm; and that goes pretty well too with that Nixon. When I first saw it last year, I straightaway bought it from the Nixon website there in the UK. Yet, damn the blunder done by the Royal Mail - the watch lost in the post (and so does my dosh!). And then I saw it again at Asos. Yet, damn again... they send me a wrong one, though it's from the same Shutter range. Nonetheless, I like it coz plain black casing goes pretty well with anything. Finally, upon browsing some site I finally got it from Japan - and it was shipped safe and sound into my possession.

    I think it looks cool; and goes with the same theme as my Gucci tortoiseshell shoes. But syyyyyy! The Shutter is actually falls under the Ladies range, but since it looks pretty much unisex to me, I say... who the hell cares, wahahaha! (this one is an acceptable gender bender, nggg...!)