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Object of Lust : Gucci 'Firenze 1921' Weekender

    Another object of lust to be shortlisted for Fall/Winter 2011 is this weekender bag by Gucci. Seen on the runway during the previous presentation in January, I really love the look and all about this particular tote. Since Fall/Winter is synonymous with anything 'warming' (not global warming!), the body material of the bag is wool, added with the leather top flap cover and other trims.

    It looks pretty simple, but the color combination that really gives off a real beauty of the bag. Somehow it's kind of a modern interpretation of the retro Gucci travelling tote, which previously seen in Gucci archives.

    With the horizontal lockable strap on the top flap, doesn't it reminds you of Hermes Birkin?

    [pix from gucci and gq style]