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Object of Lust : Gucci Boots

    It is official that I am much more comfortable wearing boots rather than a typical lace-ups or a mocs, coz boots are easy to be worn as it hugs the foot better. Plus it is more fierce on the street compared to any trainers. Try one, then you will feel as if you rule the crowd if you wear a boots. And now, it's time to upgrade the shoe closet with the new objects of lust : the new Gucci boots!

    These three Gucci boots would be in my shortlist coz they look so simple but still very Gucci. I like the first one, with the zipper on the side and minimal brogue details. Very slim looking and won't be out of place with your skinny suits or slimfit jeans.

    I also love the Chelsea version with the elasticated band, an alternative replacement for the zipper. Also, it is easy to wear as you can just slip in your foot with an ease - making you ready to go at anytime. Oh, it looks very pointy instead, so this one might be much fiercer! In a glance I reminds me of my Asos boots, coz the design and all are quite similar.

    The other boots has a bit classic feel, as the toe is slightly rounded and a bit 'bumpy' unlike the first two. With the brogue detailings on the toe cap and parts of the body, I think it'll look equally great to the office as it is for casual wear.

    [pix from gucci]

    Overall, what made me love about Gucci boots is that, it made your feet feel as if it is being perfectly moulded in it. Actually it does, coz having two Gucci boots myself, I can prove it that the feet really fit handsomely insde them. Another thing I absolutely love about the boots are the higher 'neck', making the 'oh-my-trousers-are-suddenly-lifted-up-above-the-ankle' enigma is not happening at all. Perfecto.

    Btw, do you know what is 'oh-my-trousers-are-suddenly-lifted-up-above-the-ankle'? It's a syndrome faced by the boots wearer which normally happens when the end of your trousers are lifted above the ankle or stuck to the boots' neck right after you arise from sitting. By which, from my own..ehem..hypothesis is due to the 'neck' is too short, or it doesn't hug you ankle very well, leaving some space between the boots upper and your foot. It happen to me if I wore my Jimmy Choo or Fendi, but it never occur if I wear my Gucci. It's the 'neck' of the boots. My hypothesis, that is. =)

    My almost 3-year old Gucci boots, which still stand strong comes rain or shine!