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Pocket Squares

    One week is too short these days. Some people claimed it is due to the tsunami that happens at Japan last March that made the days become much shorter, coz some scientists said the earth axis has been changed. I dunno whether that claim is true, yet one thing I do agree: yes, times does become too short. And as I mentioned, one week is too short and seems like yesterday.

    And one week it is, that I wore the grey suit which I posted about it a couple of days back . And I'm gonna wear it again tomorrow just to do the style recycle, coz that's what I like doing. Since I'm attending a seminar with a lot of people, I think it's time to dress up a bit. And this time is to experiment with different color scheme which can goes with it - not with pink, which is too common for pairing up with greys, maybe with light blue or even green. Also, I wanna try having fun with some other detailed element on a suit : the pocket squares.

    I think it's the perfect time to use the pocket squares which my student gave me as a gift about 6 years ago. Yup, 6 years... and I still have the package complete with its original wrapping paper. Kinda funny, right; but that's the thing about myself. I love keeping what people gave me. Though I know the brand is not the one I tend to go for if I went shopping for clothes, but if it comes from the heart I truly treasure it without a doubt. (come on, they are just students then, okay. It's within their budget!).

    So, how to wear a pocket square? Do you know what is a pocket square? Normally people call it a handkerchief, but to me a pocket square is slightly smaller than a typical hankie - in which the latter is normally kept inside the trousers' pocket in case you sneeze. Pocket square is smaller so that it suits to be folded nicely when you slip it into the suit's pocket.

    Anyway, the people at Mr. Porter give some ways how to wear the pocket square...

    Which one do I choose for tomorrow? The winged puff, for the expressive mood! I think it looks okay... what do you think?

    And you know what's not quite right about it when I slipped into the grey suit? The color doesn't go well with the shirt and the suit. Or perhaps, I should change for a white shirt instead to give that streamlined look to my whole ensemble. Agree?