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    I learned a new term yesterday from another blogger friend, Intan. When I typed the status of this blog's Facebook fanpage the other day - about more stuff that is coming my way which I dunno where to keep - she suggested that I should do a preloved sale instead, coz for sure there'll lots of people out there who's gonna be interested in the stuff that I didn't want.

    A preloved sale? What is that? What is 'preloved'? I haven't heard about the term before.

    You think I know everything, huh? No, I'm not. So, I googled and found somewhere on what preloved actually means. Preloved means: new item, we bought but NEVER used. Or items that already been used few times; or gifts that we will never use. In other words, preloved is second hand items. Simple as that.

    And why do we have preloved sale? The reason might be becoz we already have the things and don’t need a new one, or need space for new things that we buy. Since sometimes we tend to buy things based on impulse... which to me it's always started with the statement "ooh, that look nice..."! So, something need to let go and what better to do than a preloved sale.

    I think I got it now. In UK, we usually used the term car boot sale, which I hardly find within the vicinity of Zone 1-3 in London. You can actually find a large one at the Bowlers in Manchester, since it's the heaven for my friends back then. Or, in the States you probably used to the garage sale... which I think I've seen so many times in the movies too.

    Anyway. Preloved Sale? That's a good idea. But the thing is, my unwanted stuff would never see the bright light of the day, since all my 'preloved' is snapped fast by my siblings..! :)