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Retro : Ready to Dancercise?

    Some people ask how do I maintain my weight to be slim. The answer is easy : 1) do sport, in which is basketball is my favorite. 2) Exercise in my micro-gym for some body-toning, not body-building since I hate bulking up. I have to call it micro-gym though, instead of mini gym coz there's nothing there except for the dumbells, barbells and an exercise bench. 3) Watch what you eat, or don't eat. Ok, just kidding. But do watch what you eat coz everything that went down into your tummy will end up going to..erm.. around tummy. 4) Dance. No, not in the club, silly coz I never been into one (I'm a good boy, ahaks!). But dancing in the house and follow the tune that always upbeat and hype which made the whole body move. I rather call it dancercise - similar thing like doing aerobic, yet this one is much more fun to do than to follow the exercise video. It's a great workout; not only it made you sweat, but with the movement and all, dancercise is more like a full-body workout sans the weight. The best thing about dancercise, you don't need any instruction. Just go with the flow as what the tune made you feel. that's all.

    So, are you ready to dancercise? Then let's go back to last year when the K-Pop really came to hit me, which I think I have to succumb to it ever since. Every time I went back to my bro's hometown, I've been fed with everything Korean - no, not kimchi unfortunately - eventhough I've tried it at a Korean restaurant near Great Russel Street in London. But the music and the music video, not to mention reading EPop magazine bought by my niece, Nadiah, which I think is a true KPop laden! I'm not saying it's bad coz somehow I love their fashion. It's hot, it's edgy, it's true trendsetter which rival anybody in the Western counterpart. I think what I saw at Topman AAA collection is somehow influenced by the KPop culture, no doubt. The cowl-neck tops, the drop-crotch pants, the ultra-edgy blazers (not to mention the turn-up sleeves!), etc, etc - KPop really rocks!

    And one of the KPop group that is superfamous is Shinee, by which all of my niece really fell in love with. Shinee here, Shinee's all about Shinee. (Some of them even wanna marry one of the group members, how crazy they are! Lol!). 

    Anyway. This one of the music video which is a great for the dancercise. Upbeat, up-tempo, very fast pace, full of body moves throughout and not to mention... very tiring to follow to. If you don't pengsan at the end of the song; then I bet you're not doing anything! Enjoy. your weekend....

    First, watch the official music video....
    (you can see one of the guys wearing something just like Gareth Pugh collection)

    Then, watch the 'Live' version where the full dance routine being put into...

    And voila... let's learn how to do it!