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Similar Vibes, Different Designer...

    When Gucci sent off the models holding the new tote bag for Spring/Summer 2012, all I wanted to say is that the bag resembles a bit to the one I saw at Celine. Nope, not exactly the same I know... but it has quite similar vibes again. Especially the look at both ends of the bag which seem to be 'flipped out' kinda thing.

    While Celine is for the ladies (by which I notice the whole fascia looks like a 'smiley'), the Gucci tote is much masculine with the center flap for extra secure storage. Recalling the article in one of the newspaper last year, it seems that Gucci keep on playing the 'label-less' game by offering the bags without its typical Gucci monogramme. Good for those who wanna be less conspicuous. 

    [pix from gq style and stockholm streetstyle]