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Similar Vibes, Different Designers

    Many times when I mentioned the statement "great minds think alike" it always brought me to the claim "clone"! Coz somewhere, somehow when you see things are similar in design or in look, they might've been a copycat, right? Maybe yes, maybe no. Kinda like a deja vu.But I like to call it as - they're inspired by each other - that's the less mean statement than 'copycat'. Anyway, imitation is a form of flattery...

    On the recent catwalk for Spring/Summer 2012, it seems that some pieces are actually quite similar to what I saw in the previous SS11. From the gradual tones blazer seen on Nicolas Ripoll who walked for Moschino that probably has the similar vibes as the McQueen jacket last SS11, to the cropped leather biker jacket worn by the model at Neil Barrett SS12 which is almost the same as Burberry one donned by Jeremy Young last year. Or in fact, both are seen on the same season, as the azure blue suit on Ryan Taylor in Bottega Veneta is almost equivalent to the Jonathan Saunders SS12, except for the buttons (which is more on Saunder's suit).

    Whatever it is, if the clothes work for one season, no reason why you can't make it work again for next one. As long the vibes is good, it doesn't matter which designers did what for their collection. That's fashion : there's no rules!

    Moschino SS12 (L) , Alexander McQueen SS11 (R)

    Neil Barrett SS12 (L), Burberry Prorsum SS11 (R)

    Bottega Veneta SS12 (L), Jonathan Saunders SS12 (R)
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