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Suit + Sneakers Combination

    Would it be a major fashion faux pas if you wear a suit with a pair of sneakers? Not anymore coz these days there're no rules in fashion. You can basically wear anything that you want - the only thing is, whether it looks good or not, which is a different question after all. And not if you know how to rock it too. One that is 'almost' got it right for the suit-sneakers combo is Jay Baruchel, which I happen to notice in my previous blogpost. [read here].

    To me there is nothing wrong of pairing these two. Well, at least not for the office for sure coz you should look a bit 'respectable' when you sign the deal papers. Yet, suit+sneakers is always okay after-five activities, or during which you wanna feel a bit casual when you go out with your mates. How to pair suit+sneakers, it's up to you, and our friend at Glam Lelaki give some choice how to do it.

    So, a Dior suit with a Converse All Stars, anybody?

    I wrote something about that Puma Sky II Hi+ sneakers in my prev post... [click]

    Anyway, who's on the cover of this month's Glam Lelaki? Hardy Hartono... which I haven't got a clue who he is btw. (erkkss...)

    [scanned pix from glam lelaki]