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They're Feeling The Blues...

    Am I 'qualified' to be having the Monday blues today? I think I am, after looking to what had happened during the weekend, I can really stamped on my forehead that I am having the blues on this dire Monday.

    I was planning to go to the capital in the weekend, to shop at Pavillion KL since now is the Malaysia's Mega Sale Carnival (which will end till 31st August) - so, I'm guessing there must be lots of items that're being slashed their prices during this period. Around that area, there's also Uniqlo which I haven't visited yet ever since they open their door in this country. Or maybe, if I don't wanna brave the traffic along Bukit Bintang that much I've just hit OneUtama at Damansara instead coz what's in the megamall is not to be messed with (it's now becoming ever humungous size than ever). Or the least I could go to Ikea coz their Sale has just started last week, and I always love finding bargains in the store.

    But I can't, since there's a stupid rally in town which made the whole city kinda locked down. As much as I've been locked down in my room the night before which is truly a nightmare (that itself is a contributing factor to this Monday blues too!). Traffic become very crazy and there're lots of roadblock at many stops to crackdown people from going into the city. So, what to do? I just stayed home, and shopped in the malls nearby. Ipoh is not that bad you know, in fact I found lots of interesting stuff which I'll tell later.

    Anyway, Monday blues...  As cliche as the title could be, I wish I could wear 'blue' also, to make things even more cliche. Perhaps, a blue blazer instead of the typical shirt or trousers in the same color. So far what I've seen the blue jacket or blazer that people tend to wear is only its darker shade in navy - not other hues of blue. Probably it's the safest thing to go (not to mention boring!) and could give an alternative to the normal black. Anyway those at Mr. Porter gave some styles on how to wear blue blazer, which ranges from single- to double-breasted, lighter or darker shade of blue, and even to rock in casual or formal.

    [pix from mr porter]

    As Mr. Porter did mentioned that every man should own at least one blue blazer, thankfully I'm on the same wavelength. In fact I wore my blue hi-sheen linen blazer during my emceeing rehearsal last year which I think quite fit the bill. When I said 'fit the bill', it's not just about the color blue, but also the 'fit' - slim fit! [previous entry here]