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To Patent or Not to Patent?

    Last week I decided to wear the lace-up shoes to the office. Not just a normal lace-ups, but the patent leathers instead. Kinda 'abnormal' to be wearing patent on the daytime since it is normally a perfect choice for eveningwear, not officewear. Yet I dare to be different and go against the typical fashion rules, coz somehow in fashion there shouldn't be any rules. Or better, aren't all rules are meant to be broken?

    I pulled out some of the shoes in the storage boxes and can't decide which one to go for. I got different patents lace-ups from the highstreet to designer labels - and that day I can't really made up my mind it's gonna be either Zara with the gradual tones dark brown shoes, or another one in black patent, or even the D&G one? They're all watery glossy and shiny. My so-called 'criteria' of the day is that it must look awesome with my superslim suit I'm wearing. I normally pair it with my Hugo boots, but that day I wanna go for other selection in my shoe storage.

    Eventually, none fit the criteria very well coz somehow the lace-ups are not that suitable with the end of the trousers. So, my spoilt choice with the patent leather shoes are to be buried down that day.

    As an alternative, I picked the Asos boots with it's pointy toe. One word: it's awesome with the whole ensemble. I think it kinda hits with my own style mantra which I lived up to : it doesn't matter whether it's a designer labels or a highstreet brand, as long as it look devilicious, then the style is spot on! Agree?

    Come afternoon, the mood suddenly change. My mind flipped and I'm in the patent mood for another round. So, the choice post-lunch period was the patent loafers with the cumberband-lookalike cross-strap from Asos. Again, it looks good with the trousers, so it works!