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The BigFat QR Code

    Any gadget freaks meet bloggoholic would definitely love this. What more could ask for in any blog? Good layout? Check. Gorgeous people to read the entries and follow your blog? Check. A Facebook fan page? Check. Twitter that auto-linked to your blogpost everytime you update it? That's check either... or shall I say, used to check coz I've deleted my Twitter account (yikes!). What else?

    Oh, QR code!

    If you don't know what's QR code, then you'll defintely in the black hole no doubt! It's the abstract pixelated image with the squares on its corner that act as an encrypted code to link you into something. Yeah, much like Da Vinci code, but in a much techno version. I remembered back in Autumn 2009, Hugo Boss spreaded different QR codes at the back of The Londonpaper, by which if you took it to their store in Sloane Square and stand in front of the camera by the window display, it'll tell you if you win something or not. I went and tried it actually, but not on the outside because it doesn't work. The salesgirl directed me inside instead and asked me to point that humungous QR code at the back cover of The Londonpaper in front of the camera at one of the podium. And voila... you know what did I get? Nothing. Coz unfortunately the code I'm holding is not "with the prize" in it. Dang! Otherwise I've gotten at least £100 voucher to spent...~sigh~

    Anyway. I've generated my own QR code. Introducing the BigFatBlog's own QR code...

    But, how to use it? Well, for any smartphone users you should have an application in your phone that can read the code. If no, then download it according to your OS. For iPhone users, one of the free apps is the QR Reader which you can download through iTunes. How does it work?

    If you've read the Tesco Finder app I posted last year, it's kinda similar to the Scan function in the app [click here]. Once you point the 'scanner' towards the QR code, there's a red bar light going up and down trying to decode it. In my case, the code will link you to this blog address.... as you can see in the pix below.

    Okay, fine... but what's the use of the QR code really? Well, to put it in simple word - promotion. Just imagine if you really wanna make your blog goes viral - or even anything - all you have to do is to print a lot of the codes and stick it to any places you want. Instead of making it too obvious and obnoxious "", which is too 'in your face' kinda thing - the code will look much mysterious and very hi-tech nonetheless. Mystery, coz only those who know how to decode it can actually read what it's all about. Brilliant, isn't it?

    Now, go and make your own QR code. But do remember, don't vandalise the public spaces with it! :)