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BigFatSnoop : I x MY

    I haven't been doing BigFatSnoop for a long time. That's because of one main reason; men's highstreet fashion in Malaysia is not as fun as the one in London. There, almost weekly you got to see new stuff being stocked on the shelves. But here... if you're lucky, every 4 months. So damn sad. And what's even worse, most are blah collection. Wearable thing no doubt, but flattering - a big no. That's why I never shop for clothes in this country that often, as my new thing always come from overseas still.

    But hey, not all stores here are too slow to stock in new stuff coz some fast fashion houses like Seed and Topman still did their job very well. And another store that do so is Giordano, with their latest cool t-shirts collection to commemorate the soon-to-be Malaysia's Independence Day on the 31st August (yeah, the same day of Eid as well!).

    Under the theme 'I heart MY' which definitely reads 'I love Malaysia' comes the statement t-shirts in various colors like white, blue, red, black and green. There are about 20 designs to choose from; 10 for guys, and 10 for the ladies, with the signature flag emblem, the country's landmark  - the tallest twin tower, KLCC, and the other one like a Chinese calligraphy, on the 'heart' logo. The fabric and fit is awesome as it's not too fitted nor too loose. Just perfect.

    Price? Huhu... not so dear to the wallet, though. But if you like to show your support to the country, then this t-shirt can definitely be it. Btw, I love it nonetheless... :)