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Finally, I'm Guilty!

    To search for a new perfume to stamp on the effort for rebranding is not easy. Last time, when I switched my Polo Sport Ralph Laurent that I've been wearing for more than five years since the year 2000 for Carolina Herrera Chic, I felt a sense of a new rebirth when the scent fell onto my body. Just a whole new world started to emerge and made me feel like a new person again. A new person who'd like to change for a better. A new person who wanna do my thing my own way. A new person who really wanna embrace the new style that has been dragging me into the style blackhole, and out into a new chicness. It's magical that, how a fragrance can really change the way you feel.

    And now, I've been talking about rebranding of me for quite some time now. To seal the deal, I'm on the quest of searching for a perfect perfume to reflect the sense of newness in me. I've searched high and low, in and out of some perfume counters, trying out some testers in hoping to find the one. What I wanted is simple: the brand must be iconic and reflect me in a way; the bottle mustn't be a plain looking glass unlike others; the smell must have that citrusy scent that is so Scorpio; and of course, it has to have that je ne sais quoi which concludes everything.

    And alas... I found it. I dunno why it took me so long after its debut that I finally brave enough to try it on. The scent is magical. It's fresh, yet seductive. It's modern, yet with a touch of classic Scorpio signature. And the bottle is a juxtapose of clear (glass) and dark (metallic), that somehow speaks mystery. And the best part, it's from the brand that I'm synonymous with. It's the one...

    It's Gucci Guilty.

    Boy, do I love the smell. What I love more is what the campaign says about it...

    "Young, fearless, with impeccable taste, the wearer of Gucci Guilty for Him is a hero for our age – exuding charisma and more than a little dangerous. His life may be under his control, but he refuses to exert any restraint over his passions. The spirit of hedonism that this unleashes is intoxicating. His power resides in knowing that power is a game, and he is ready to play this game to the full when he meets his female match.

    The Gucci Guilty hero takes pleasure in refusing to feel guilty about who he is. His remarkable self-confidence allows him to constantly explore new experiences. His unshakable sense of self-identity wields an irresistible force. He knows what he wants, and he goes after it with single-minded determination and compulsive charm. It is exhilarating to yield to the impulses of a man with such exceptional magnetism. Everyone is in love with the Gucci Guilty man. He is a risk-taker, a thrill-seeker, yet he always remains sensitive to a woman’s desires. He embodies these desires. Men yearn to be him, women to be his.

    What a perfect perfume for the rebranding.