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He by Mango Fall/Winter 2011 Lookbook

    He by Mango Fall/Winter 2011 lookbook featuring Noah Mills and Brad Koenig. Alas, one menswear collection by Mango that I can give my seal of approval undoubtedly. I know it's been quite a tough ride for He by Mango to really stamped their position as one of the leading fast fashion menswear on the highstreet. Seeing the previous collections - where me myself also tried their debut collection almost 2 years back - I think it's very hard for people to really accept what they offer. Seasons after seasons, lots of clothes are sent off to the Sale section which I'm quite amused nonetheless. Is it because of the price, which I know is quite ridiclulously high compared to Topman and H&M? Or is it because of the cut and design, which previously are mostly on the meh side? Or does the allure is not as good as what its Spaniard contender, Zara? You can list all sorts of possibilities which maybe adds up to their lack of acceptance.

    Anyway, for Fall/Winter 2011 I think it's time for them to propel back into the action as the pieces looks absolutely stunning and much polished. Slimmer suits, boy aren't those are to die for? I know for me, at least. The suit jackets and trousers that Noah wore are cuts to perfection, with the much contoured silhouette and razor sharp look. From tweed fabric to Prince-of-Wales check, single- or double-breasted, they breathes such a contemporary feel that is lacking before. I have three words: love, love, love! Very much Italian I presumed. I wonder if they tapped the designer from Zara coz somehow those suits really sprung 'Zara' into my head.

    On the casual side, it's not too bad either. Many 'reasonable' pieces, I would have to say. Slimmer appearance is everywhere - either jeans, the chinos or the combat trousers. They are definitely for the urban gents who now wanted to be taken seriously even when it comes to being nonchalant. I like some pieces such as the waxed mac, the stripes tee and the varsity baseball jacket; which I think perhaps could make a good addition to my wardrobe as they're quite seasonless.

    Others include the shoes and the bags. Man, are those monk strap loafers stunning or what? Awesome!

    [pix from he by mango]