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How to Wear Camel

    I always talk about 'nude' in this blog. No, it's nothing to do with nakedness, but rather the flesh tone which is one color in the color wheel that I think is quite endearing. There's something about this neutral palette that makes it versatile; kinda similar way of how black and white are when it comes to being able to be paired with almost any color of your clothes.

    One of the 'nude' hues that is famously featured in any editorials - or in correct term, the neutral tone actually (since nude is part of the neutral) - is camel. It spreads everywhere, from the cardigan to the jacket, overcoat to the trousers, slim suit to even ties and scarves; making it such a headliner in any fashion extravaganza. In fact, I can recalled back in Fall/Winter 2009 camel is one favorite color not only on the high-end designer labels, but also at highstreet too coz plenty camels are seen on the clothing line. From Celine, Chloe and Gucci, to Victor & Rolf and Ralph Lauren - that particular season is when the camel boom really has been reignited, which has now extended to become one of the staples in later seasons following it.

    But how to wear camels so that your ensemble look chic? Our friends at Mr. Porter outlined some ideas on how to don a great pair. Whether your camel is the overcoat, or a top as a cardigan and sweater, or just a discreet element like a tie; there are ways to make 'em look very well put-together...

    [pix from mr porter]

    So, what's in my wardrobe? Some camel cardigan and sweater from H&M which I love the lighter hues of it. My favorite way to pair a camel is:
    • with a grey for the urban feel.
    • with the similar tone for a fun streamlined look.
    • with white or cream for a sense of chic.
    • with black for a subtle color blocking.
    • with blue for a trendy color blocking.
    • with red for a slight contrast without too overpowering. 
    cardigan & vest - H&M : wool trousers - River Island

    sweater & mac - H&M : lightweight denim - Uniqlo
    iPad cover - YSL : watch - Skagen