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How to Wear The New Season's Colors

    There's one claim from a recent news clip saying that lots of men now are started venturing for colors inside their wardrobe. Long gone the staple monochromatic hues like blacks and greys, it seems that new age men brave the colors to be injected into their daily lifestyle. There's also recent claim that some sweaters, jacket and even color jeans have cleared the shelves as the trend really made its statements quite clear in a couple of fashion weeks recently.

    If you flipped open the men's fashion mag or even at, Autumn/Winter 2011 would be seeing a burst of colors coming the way. Designer like Raf Simon for Jil Sander for instance, really delightedly perk up the trend with an array of collection with the eye-popping hues like tangerine, royal blue, red and lime green - which seems to steer away from the typical sombre tones like what the season is famous for. I think that's a brave thing to do, as a way to experiment the season with a new mood. Quoting what Frida Giannini used to mention, color symbolizes optimism - hence it's a perfect way to feel really uplifted despite the gloomy autumnal ambiance.

    So, how to wear colors for the new season? The people at Mr. Porter give us some tips how to rock it in a better way to make you appear sharp and chic, rather than looking like a cousin of Krusty the Clown. Either through color blocking method or tonal complimentary, it's time to be gutsy with colors!

    [pix from mr porter]