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In the Mood for Double-Breasted

    I'm in the mood of rebranding.

    After the exhibition event that I'm chairing has recently being rebranded - from the change of name and with a new logo, to some tranformation activities that happen in the country and in my workplace too, I'm feeling the need for rebranding is truly highten. Last time I've done the rebranding of me back in 2005, seeing the sudden soar in my work status. In 2008, I rebrand myself again by altering my image during my stay in the world's famous capital city, London. A good rebranding, I would have to say, coz that's how I come to learn that by changing the entire outside facade it too can really change the entire inside (the soul, the spirit, the attitude, etc..).

    Now, come 2011 I felt I have to rebrand myself for another cycle; making a perfect timing of 3-years period to try new things. That's what i like to do, venturing out into some territory that I've never attempted before. Something which I think is not my thing previously, into really trying to have a go with it - coz who knows that what I loathe then could turn out to be something that I love later on.

    And that include the db suit, which to me is a no-go area since I hate everything got to do with a double-breasted. Be it jacket, peacoat, waistcoat or even cardigan - I'm utterly avoiding anything db. But lately and suddenly now, I'm in the mood to try this thing, especially after seeing what Armani and Philip Lim did for their Spring.Summer 2011 collection. Very modern, very contemporary, very slim silhouette; which moves away from looking anything like the Malaysian government officers. (eeek!) Erm... when I said double-breasted, it has nothing to do with Pamela Anderson, okay. That's double D, not a double-breasted! Ahaks!

    Anyway, when I was looking around for good db suit to wear, I stumbled upon the one at Asos. I'm truly loving it. Not only the design is so contemporary and the fit is flattering, it's a denim! Not the denim denim, but rather a linen, or chambray if you may. The color is great too as the multifaceted fabric gives off kinda shine to the whole outlook. Pair up with the slimmer matching trousers - it's the db suit that I'm looking for to kick off the rebranding of me again.

    [pix from asos]

    And I'm truly delighted coz the suit is fantastic. The price is within reach, the fabric is quite light and airy, and the most important - it's very slim, modern, cool and fresh! The jacket comes unlined, making it contours the torso even better. I love the color too, which breathes urban feel to its look.

    In short, it's a perfect suit to jumpstart the rebranding of myself for another time..


    db suit - Asos : shirt : +J at Uniqlo : bag - Louis Vuitton Damier Graphite Tadao
    studded driving glove - Zara : watch - Calvin Klein