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Jack Wills' 'Back to School' Handbook

    I was once thrown out from the Jack Wills store at Long Acre, Covent Garden in London after the sales guy found out I've been snapping photos of the store. It's not new thing for me to take photos inside the fitting rooms, but to snap photos of the store environment - that one I've never done before. And Jack Wills' is the first one. And boy, I'm busted ... but thank God the guy politely asked me that I'm not allowed to do so. Not that I've been 'thrown out' thrown out, coz I decided to leave instead. Wat malu beb... mana nak letak muka aku ni, Awie!

    Anyway, what I like about Jack Wills is their collection separates from other highstreet stores around. In fact, I don't think the word 'highstreet' even applied to them as the price is way beyond the typical highstreet range. We're talking £300 for a blazer - can you find that price in Zara? Nope. Yet since the store is located in the highstreet, I would say their collection is more to the 'upmarket' highstreet instead. The clothes somehow got that Tommy Hilfiger meet Abercrombie and Fitch vibes; as most are preppy, collegiate look. Lots of preppy blazers, college sweatshirt, tailored shorts, some got regatta feel and much more. Suits for those who think they are more to Cambridge than UCL, or Yale than MIT, if you know what I mean.

    Their new 'Back to School' handbook which feature top models, Sam Well and Jeremy Young, somehow seems to feature much lighter appeal as it tone down towards less preppy. But there's a range in the clothing - somewhat a freshman look in laid-back plaid shirts and parkas, which later on transcends into much grown up in tweed suits and Fairisle knits. I love how the ad campaign is shot especially the dusky, sepia-look photos which brought nostalgia of my college years. Very nice indeed.

    [pix via racked national]

    In case you're wondering how does the Jack Wills store in Covent Garden look like, these are some photos that I previously snapped. The store that spanned to three floors has high ceilings which is so cool. What is much cooler is the focal point of the store - the staircase, with the huge murals made of picture frames. Kinda give that country house feel which you normally see in old movies. It's awesome. And that's why I have to snap the environment of the store. And that's what made me busted too!